Master 2 Arbitrage & Commerce International - Université Paris-Saclay

Arbitration Contests

Each student takes part in at least two international arbitration competitions, including one in French. These prestigious competitions, which require a high degree of involvement, offer them a first practical approach to international arbitration. They are intended to be international educational experiences in a globalized world.

The competitions take place over a long period of time and occupy the student’s agenda for several months. In fact, the writings exchange phase is completed by the oral phase during which the students take part in the pleadings. To the reinforcement of the editorial qualities is added that of the oratorical qualities: students learn to exchange, to convince and to persuade.

Paris International Arbitration Competition

The Paris International Arbitration Competition was created in 2005 by the Law School of the Political Sciences Institute in partnership with Clifford Chance. This year, it is co-organized by it and Clifford ChanceBredin Prat & White & Case


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Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Vienne

The annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Competition is the major student competition in the areas of arbitration and international trade. It is supported by the most prestigious organizations and institutions: the American Arbitration Association, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Vienna International Arbitration Center, the International Chamber of Commerce, the London Court of International Arbitration and UNCITRAL.

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Annual Willem C. Vis East International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Hong Kong

The annual Willem C. Vis East International Commercial Arbitration Competition is paired with Vienna. Organized within the City University of Hong Kong, it is also very popular in the field of arbitration, as it brought together more than 750 students and 350 referees during its eleventh edition in 2014.





Jus Mundi Association des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle Groupe Bernard Hayot


Madrid Moot Court

The Madrid Competicion Internacional de Arbitraje y Derecho Mercantil, organized by Carlos III University and UNCITRAL, is held in Spanish in Madrid every year and has had MACI students among its competitors since its inception.


Laude Esquier Champey

ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition

Inaugurated in 2006, the mediation contest organized by the International Chamber of Commerce enjoys the prestigious support of the American Bar Association and the Chatered Institute of Arbitrators. Twenty teams from all over the world are placed in a situation of commercial mediation during which the participants try to find solutions to the disputes. Closely associated with the ICC, the Master Program is represented annually in this competition.

National Contest of Mediation, CMAP

As part of this competition, students from law master’s programs, business schools and bar training schools will try the delicate exercise of the mediator’s mission. This will be an opportunity for them to calibrate their expertise in the context of scenarios as close to reality as possible. The parts will be performed by renowned professionals from the business, legal and judicial worlds (business leaders, lawyers, accountants, judges, etc.).


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Montpellier International Francophone Arbitration Competition Serge Lazareff (CIAM)

The national competition of arbitration, organized jointly by the University of Montpellier and the University of Versailles, is presented as the first arbitration contest taking place in France on the model of American "training moot". It was chaired in 2005 by Dean Thomas CLAY and in 2007 by Attorney Serge LAZAREFF. This competition is the subject of an ever-growing craze and now hosts many teams from Master’s programs of French and Francophone schools.

Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court

Created in 2008 by the prestigious Goethe University in Frankfurt, this competition is related to investment arbitrage. The particularity of this competition is to promote oral practice. Students do not write complete memos in advance as they are used to, but only skeletons of their argument, a process that gets them to prepare the pleadings in a very specific way.


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International Maritime Law Moot Competition (IMLAM)

In 2014, for the second time since the creation of the Master’s Degree, a team from the MACI participated in this competition held exclusively in English and entirely dedicated to maritime law. Indeed, during the 12th International Maritime Law Moot Competition, MACI students traveled to Singapore to take part in the competition. It was then the only French team to compete.


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