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The Arbitration Review

The Versailles University Arbitration Review is an organization related to the MACI whose purpose is to publish legal doctrine notes. Each promotion publishes an annual review of about 250 pages, consisting of a dozen articles on news, issues or questions related to commercial arbitration, investment and international trade.

The Arbitration Review has several clear objectives. The first one is to serve as a serious and accurate academic support for doctrinal notes intended for students and professionals of international arbitration. It is indeed a useful and effective research tool for lawyers interested in the news of this exciting and ever-changing subject. The second one is to offer the opportunity to its editorial members, all students within the MACI, to develop their writing and editing skills. This is an exceptional opportunity, and once again an exclusivity in France.

Student editors within the Journal are all supervised by a recognized professional or academic sponsor of the world of arbitration. The Journal has many foreign sponsors, a fact which testifies to the desire to open the Master’s Program. All articles are subject to a rigorous editorial process designed to structure, sharpen and perfect both form and substance.

Under the strong leadership of its editors, Guillaume Ghanem, Joffrey Chignard and Willia Zouaoui, the Review was an immediate success. Today, it continues to innovate and enrich itself, while remaining faithful to the original concept that makes its originality.

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